Thinking Differently in Research

21st May 2019

Thinking differently in Research needn’t be difficult. We can all broadly agree, most organisations do more than enough research. However not enough of us use the findings and insights as effectively as we would like.


At this AURA event, members will take part in an interactive workshop with OKO (AURA’s 2019 Best Small Agency award winners) on the practical processes and actions that lead to a greater ROI on research projects.


Gaining a new perspective on the impact of your research, using behavioural science, will help drive greater business impact. Hear from the Behavioural Architects as they share a case study on how to develop your hypotheses about the behavioural challenge and unlock fresh insights that can inspire execution ideas.


We’re encouraging you to think differently about the decisions you make and the processes you undertake, but do you ever think differently about your mental wellbeing and others in the Research and Insight industry?


Opinium and the MRS have been doing just that. Their study is currently ongoing and is assessing mental wellbeing in Research on both sides, clientside and agency. Join us to hear about how they’re helping the industry to think differently about the way we work and interact.

Attend this seminar to:

  • Examine your practical processes and actions in our workshop to improve ROI on your research projects.
  • Understand how to unlock fresh insights with behavioural science to drive greater business impact
  • Think differently about our industry

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Event Agenda

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Better Decision Making Workshop

In an interactive session, OKO will share their perspectives on Insight in a Decision-Making context, as well as some of their research on individual and organisational decision-making.



  • To Understand Insight in the context of a Decision-Making Process that creates organisational value
  • Different Decision Styles and why these are important in decision-facilitation
  • The value of creative thinking to broaden Decision options
  • Key pinch-points in the Insight in the Decision-Making process, why decisions fail

Deeper Behavioural Insights Using Behavioural Science

Behavioural research supports the whole insights journey from developing hypotheses about the behavioural challenge, to unlocking fresh insights that can inspire execution ideas/behavioural interventions, to informing implementation, testing and refinement – thus providing a clearer line of sight on the impact of research.


Thinking differently about mental wellbeing at work

In 2019, Opinium embarked on a journey to create the first workplace mental wellbeing audit to enable better conversations and considerations around mental health.

This journey will be brought to life using real world examples, honest accounts of the difficulties, setbacks and frustrations, and will celebrate the importance of bringing mental wellbeing to the forefront of the conversation.

Exploring Perceptions of Gambling in the UK and US

Sparkler sought to explore perceptions of gambling in the more mature UK market to compare and contrast to the burgeoning US market by speaking to a diverse cross section of Twitter users with varying openness to gambling.

This project will showcase the power of harnessing a research community for robust insights to gauge implicit perceptions towards gambling, and uncover emotional themes.

The Power of Emotion

Future Thinking will present their propriety research on how to create TV ads that deliver maximum impact, how they can be optimised and the importance of conveying emotion. The team at Future Thinking wanted to test their approach to illustrate some established points but also to test and prove some new thinking.


Event Agenda

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