The Looming Threat of Switching

About this Webinar

The Looming Threat of Switching with Populus


Today, innovation and disruption are impacting how consumers make decisions.


In this webinar, Tom and Amy will focus on some of the factors which are impacting switching across different sectors, paying particular attention to the energy sector and what consumers want from their service provider.


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13th August 2019 @ 12:30

Guest Speaker

Tom Scrimgour


With 10 years’ research experience, Tom applies a rigorous framework to meet his client’s business objectives. Tom is extremely business orientated, and consistently ensures that the the insight we deliver is of commercial relevance. His clients include Lloyds Banking Group, GoCompare, Sunny, BT and many more.


Tom started his career his career with TNS where he specialised in innovation within the consumer sector and worked as part of the Global Corporate Development team, supporting the role out of a company wide growth strategy and re-brand across 80 markets.

Guest Speaker

Amy Kemp


Amy is a Senior Research Manager at Populus, specialising in quantitative research.


Amy oversees projects and reports on findings for a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors, including utilities, telecoms, financial services, and charities.


Steven Darby

Leeds Building Society and AURA

Having worked in research for a number of years for both B2B and B2C markets across two major sectors (Finance and Utilities) Steven has built a good knowledge of leading agencies (small and large) research methodologies and industry bodies.


Two years ago Steven joined AURA council to help continue the great work AURA delivers through supporting our members with all things research and insight.

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