Using storytelling to drive advertising memorability and effectiveness

About this Webinar


Using storytelling to drive advertising memorability and effectiveness

Another chance to see the popular AURA Award winning case study from Rightmove and Neuro-Insight into how storytelling can drive both advertising memorability and effectiveness.

In this webinar, Shazia and Abiola will talk about how Rightmove used neuroscience to test the memorability of a new TV advert which went on to be one of their most successful campaigns to date.


You’ll find out


  • Background to the campaign and why Rightmove chose neuroscience for ad testing
  • Get an overview into the methodology used by Neuro-insight
  • Get some general learnings for brands from neuroscience
  • And find out how the ad performed in the real world


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14th November 2019 @ 12:30

Guest Speaker

Abiola Oni

Research & Planning Lead, Rightmove

Abiola leads the Research & Planning team at Rightmove. Over the last 8 years, Abiola has informed decisions from brand strategy to product development and sales. She uses a variety of techniques such as surveys, interviews, big data and neuroscience to uncover and champion customer needs across the business. In her spare time, she’s an award-winning short story writer.

Guest Speaker

Shazia Gania


Shazia Ginai is the CEO of Neuro-Insight in the UK, a creative and curious insight and marketing professional with a passion for people and leading insight to action.


Suzanne Lugthart


Suzanne, your AURA host, is a clientside researcher who’s worked with some of the planet’s best known digital brands including eBay, Rightmove, and Etsy.

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