The Behavioural Scientist’s Guide
to Making and Breaking Habits 

About this Webinar

The Behavioural Scientist’s Guide to Making and Breaking Habits 


A Marketeer’s Holy Grail!


The Behavioural Architects advises many of the world’s largest companies of behavioural change and making or breaking habits.


In this webinar Crawford Hollingworth will arm you with the latest thinking, models and insights from the behavioural sciences around habit formation …. and maybe even give you a free book!


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30th July 2019 @ 12:30

Guest Speaker

Crawford Hollingworth

The Behavioural Architects

With a background in Applied Social Psychology, Crawford started his career as a strategic planner working in some of the world’s top communication agencies including BMP, DDB, AMV BBDO and Chiat Day.


Crawford co-founded The Behavioural Architects in 2011 an insight, research and strategic consultancy. The company uses the latest thinking from the behavioural sciences and in particular behavioural economics to help organisations understand and influence consumer behaviour more effectively, pioneering new approaches alongside reinvigorating traditional methodologies.


Steven Darby

Leeds Building Society and AURA

Having worked in research for a number of years for both B2B and B2C markets across two major sectors (Finance and Utilities) Steven has built a good knowledge of leading agencies (small and large) research methodologies and industry bodies.


Two years ago Steven joined AURA council to help continue the great work AURA delivers through supporting our members with all things research and insight.

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