Innovate with Impact

About this Webinar


Innovating with Impact


Many organisations want to be innovative but struggle to do so effectively. With the right approach, insight teams can become entrepreneurial engines for their organisations. This webinar will help you lead and embed innovation within your organisation.




  • Practical innovation methods that complement traditional insight skills
  • To position your insight team as a leader in innovation
  • How you can improve organisational agility and strategic impact
  • How to develop teams and organisational culture for innovation


Joe Morrison, founder of Craft & Scale, will share his experience in leading insight and innovation teams to drive organisational change, stimulate radical thinking and improve bottom-line performance.


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15th October 2019 @ 12:30

Guest Speaker

Joe Morrison

Founder, Craft & Scale

Consultant and former AURA Award Winner Joe Morrison has worked in a wide variety of insight, marketing and strategy roles. He has led effective innovation programmes in complex, global organisations. After many years of blending traditional insight methods with radical experimentation, he founded the consultancy Craft & Scale in 2017 to enable organisations to take bolder strategic leaps.


Suzanne Lugthart

AURA and Etsy

Suzanne, your AURA host, is a clientside researcher who’s worked with some of the planet’s best known digital brands including eBay, Rightmove, and Etsy.


She’s two AURA Awards of her very own: Best Client Speaker and, with team eBay, The Rockefeller (now Insight Impact Award).

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