Building Customer Centricity:

A Big Framework for Growth

About this Webinar


Building Customer Centricity: A Big Framework for Growth


The Forge will share their Big Framework for Growth, a strategic insight tool that brings the customer into the boardroom to inspire customer-centric decision making.

In the session The Forge will:


  • Explain the key components of the framework, bringing each to life with examples from across FMCG, service and B2B environments
  • Demonstrate how this customer-centric, future-view of opportunities can be used to influence strategy and decision making at a category, brand and overall business level
  • Give you ideas on how to pull together primary andsecondary demographic, economic and consumer data into a framework that highlights where the current and future opportunities for their businesses are, and how to engage the business with it


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4th December 2019 @ 13:00

Guest Speaker

Simon Garnett

Founder, The Forge

A client side career helped me realise that I loved the upfront part of marketing – the exploration of the opportunity, the forging together of insight and the developing of strategy to take advantage of it. Hence it was no surprise when I leapt over the fence agency side 10 years ago.

Guest Speaker

Lee Manning-Craik

Partner, The Forge

I believe you’ve got to be open to doing things differently to get somewhere new. It’s what led me from a career in archaeology, to one in advertising, to one in insight. An insatiable desire to keep learning about why people behave the way they do.


Suzanne Lugthart


Suzanne, your AURA host, is a clientside researcher who’s worked with some of the planet’s best known digital brands including eBay, Rightmove, and Etsy.

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