A ‘First Aid Kit’ For Your Brand

24th May 2018

Insight professionals are faced with an array of research tools and techniques. Ranging from innovative to essential, but how do you separate the gold from the fool’s gold?


What to expect?

Our forthcoming AURA seminar will guide members through case studies where proven techniques have made a brand’s communications more efficient, strengthened brand image, or boosted market share.


Attendees will hear from speakers discussing a range of applications, from neuroscience and eye-tracking, to brand positioning and ethnography.


AURA members will go back to their desks with a host of ideas to give their healthy brand a boost, or even help it off life-support.

For You

Attend this seminar to:


  • Optimise your brand. Learn from experts how to effectively position your brand.
  • Understand your audience. See how ethnography can help you connect with your customers.
  • Maximise your communications. From the latest neuroscience applications.

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Heather Andrew

Neuro Insight

Abiola Oni


Fleur Horner

The Value Engineers

Peter Haslett


Nathalie Gill


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