AURA Conference and Awards 2018

See what makes the AURA Conference and Awards such a draw year after year for our members and agencies.

This year we welcomed to the stage speakers from:

PepsiCo and Watch Me Think – Igniting Change at PepsiCo: Driving empathy into our organisation

The teams at Pepsi Co and Watch Me Think kicked off the conference with their work to embed deep empathy into their organisation – every week staff at Pepsi Co are taking time to walk in consumers shoes, and how they’re using technology as an enabler to speed up the process.

An example they shared with the audience was that driving positive change needs to be based on the truth, by observing normal behaviour – Their case study demonstrated the use of screen record technology to capture real behaviour.


Unilever & Kantar – Insights into action: Breaking down cultural barriers one cup of tea at a time

Their work is based on the principle that “common ground is only a cup away”. With this belief at the forefront of their process, their goal was to facilitate conversations that would otherwise not have happened.

In this case study the team shared with conference attendees the application of their work in Canada, whilst tackling the challenge of localising in culturally diverse markets.


IHG & Acacia Avenue – Getting into bed with Holiday Inn: An experiment with virtual reality

During IHG and Acacia Avenue’s talk they posed the question – “How do we bring the business along with us?”. Their solution was threefold:

1. Internal PR – keeping comms visual, engaging and colleagues informed Get your work in front of as many of your people as possible.

2. IHG had a multi disciplinary team from across the business. IHG considered how these techniques could benefit from their work and drive adoption in other parts of the business.

3. VR technology is portable and means the team can test their work in new parts of their global business and new applications. Showing IHG colleagues how this can be applied in the future is critical.


2018 Event Highlights

Watch the highlights Video of the AURA Conference and Awards and hear from attendees about why this conference means so much to our members and the agencies they work with.

Video created by Vox Pops International

“Are your insights actionable? Vox Pops International produce engaging videos and animations that bring insights, consumers and data to life – helping you get cut through by presenting your message in an emotive and captivating way.”



As part of AURA membership, there are additional resources for members looking to refresh their memory of the event:


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